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  • Hi Vee. thank you for writing on my "wall"...I was watching a great video just now, which shows us just how powerful our words are, and how the right words can change is the website, so you can watch for yourself. Have a great w/end from W.Australia.

    this/life is beautiful because of the people that are in it, and the encounters and opportunities we see every day, if we but just look closer.................M
  • Hi Vee,
    thanks for adding me as a friend, sorry I replied so late, but I'm away on business at the moment. I hope that you will have a lot of joy and happiness here, I feel that since I haven't had a chance to use email this week, I have to "get up my spirit" again when going home on Sunday.
    Love, joy and happiness :)!

    Astrid from cold norway
  • Welcome Vee to the Louise Hay Group! I'm so thrilled you joined the group! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I love your pictures! :) Have a blessed, inspiring, uplifting, enlightening, beautiful week! :) In love and light!~Annmarie
  • Hi Vee,
    Thank you for adding me as a friend.
    Wishing you many inspirations, and much light, love, happiness, and beauty in all that surrounds you!
    Much Love,
    Audrey Louise
  • Hi Vee,

    Thanks for the lovely friendship. I spent a lot of time in Nawlins in my twenties. It is a fabulous place. I look forward to spending some time together.
  • Hiya Vee,
    You have a wonderful family, I to am greatful, thanks for the add, I look forward to getting to know you
    Peace and smiles
  • Hey thankkyou Vee !!!
    for you beautiful friendship, I'm Grateful, You have a beautiful family.

    Pleasant Dreams
  • Hi Vee - thanks for adding me as a friend.
    I loved seeing your photos.
    Have a great day!
  • Thank you for the add!!!

  • Hi Vee, thanks for inviting me to be your friend, I can't wait to learn more about you and your powerful intentions here on the PI network. It's been a wonderful experience for me. I meet so many wonderful and postitive people. I have even been inspired to start my own business since joining. I am blessed.

    Love and Light to you and your family!


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