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  • I wanted to change my music for Easter and one beautiful song I heard today was He's Got the Whole World in His Hands by the great opera soprano Leontyne Price, who I'm so proud to call my friend. A mighty and loving being she is!
  • Now life is settling back down (for the time being), just wanted to say thanks so much for organising the fabulous birthday posts. Meant a lot and I kind of needed it this year.. Thank you. You are appreciated - by me, as well as others who are naturallyl more effusive than me!
  • Hey Girl! Haven't seen you on here in a while! Miss you! Have a super week, VO!!

    Love, (like "Here Comes the Sun")
  • Thanks for the wise pic Vom - but I've never seen AinW -never read the book either, although I have my own interpretation of what's about.
    Enlighten me, please - what does this caracter have specifically to say? And why would "it" remind you of me? ;o)
  • Hi VO, so very nice to hear frrom you. I am doing well...sort
    I will send some nice warm sunny vibes to you too!
    Much love,
  • That's tweedle dum to you, madam!
  • OK, time to press that "easy" button! I love Wine will do it for me. There is just nothing like a good wine buzz.

    I have a "real" easy button and my son and his friends have pressed it so many times the battery's dead. Like my parents before me, unless it's absolutely necessary, I will probably just leave it that way.

    Thanks for thinkin' of me -- have a great day, VO!!!
  • Thanks VO, I had a great one. And you know me, I'm ALWAYS down the rabbit hole :-)
  • My Sufi friend sent this wonderful image to me. Love it.

  • Yep, I've seen that one before! It is too funny. But, that's not what cajun country is like, boo. But, close!
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