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  • Great blessings

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    Are you ready to align yourself with your good? if so, remember, we live in a vibrational universe. To match the vibrational frequency of that which you seek is the empowering and joyous way to craft your life. As you increase your vibrational frequency; your energy is filtered through the lense of love. The lower-frequency vibrations align you more with fear-based beliefs; that very energy blocks your flow of good. ~Dave


    Here is a powerful video that provides you with numerous methods of increasing your vibrational frequency, enjoy!

    Insight Incites Change

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    Build your bridge to 2012 with unconditional love, my dear friend; it's the glue that holds your dreams together. ~Dave

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    Human Harmonics is all about rising your frequency to enhanced alignment with love energy. The frequency of unconditional love naturally opens our hearts and allows our vibrational frequency to rise into greater alignment with the 5th dimensional vibrational matrix. This prepares us for the ascension process.

    "The key to raising our vibration comes from opening our hearts. When we embrace the act of loving and being loved, we feel more alive, more expansion, more creative and have a sense of renewal. In divine love, all separateness is dissolved and we come to understand what is meant by the phrase “We are all One.” ~Erica Boersma and Dwaine Hartman

    Letting Go of Your 'I Knows'

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    2 Gifts 4 U myfriend; enjoy both the video by Gisele and my most-recent blog post; Letting Go of your 'I

    Learn to Let Go of Your 'I Knows'

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    Newest Blog Post,You Are Love, See link at bottom of this post

    Click here 4 "You Are Love"

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    My friend, please take your valuable time to embrace these 2 powerful videos by Unasleep and rewrite your 'Book of Life' to better suit your most cherished goals and dreams

    Now, consider re-writing your 'Life Book to celebrate your divine within! Namaste Dave

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    My friend, please take a few moments to view this video; a love letter from The Universe; yes it's for you. You are a gift; take time to appreciate yourself for the beautiful soul you are. ~Dave


    Align with Love; it's your source for all good

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    "Give yourself to love, if love is what you're after;
    Open up your hearts to the tears and laughter,
    And give yourself to love, give yourself to love."

    from the song "Give Yourself to Love" by Kate Wolf


    Good Vibrations: Align with The Divine Within

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    "The journey between who you once were, and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place."- Barbara De Angelis


    Good Vibrations

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