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  • Hi I thought you might like this song let me know what you think... Thank you :)
    To download the track "Hippie Girls" for free, go to and enter the code z1yq-opgg
  • Today I am flowing my full Appreciation to You Wayne, doing my morning meditation I just suddenly felt this!


    Something BIG has to be coming your way! :-}

  • Thank you so much for your Warm Welcome Wayne.  I very much appreciate receiving your kind loving wise vibe.  I will let you know if I need anything as you've offered.  btw:


    W = healing invigorating rain falling into the valleys and hidden places in your Life and Being Wayne  : )


    I actually do have a current need for my friend M. in Serbia.  Is there any way I can do a big 'call out' for her ??  ... so that she has many Co-creators 'behind her' from PI for her court appearance tomorrow ??  If there's a way of making such an Urgent Announcement, would you please do this on my behalf Wayne...  for my beautiful friend ??  I thank you deeply...  perhaps through Messages or other means.  I haven't built up a friendship network here yet, so i'm a bit stuck on ideas how to do this.  The links describing this situation and for some comparative Time Zones are:


    Likewise, if there's anything you EVER need Wayne, please let me and my little band of Co-creators know about it.  We are mainly 1 Kiwi and 2 Aussies plus a few others randomly joining their Energies with ours.  We are actually pretty effective at Manifesting stuff, to date  : )  Love to you,

    from Bronwyn in New Zealand


  • Thank you for the beautiful welcome message. :)

  • You_Can_Only_Become.jpg
  • Great Art!!!
  • Hey Wayne,

    Since your in charge of ads. Can you please message me back about advertising on here? I wrote about 5 times and really need to get those messages answered. Thanks

    Peace & Blessings
    London Lyric International
  • Thanks for the add Wayne. It's my pleasure to meet. This is my blog.
    I love the ebook in it.
    Have a great day.
  • Thanks for your comment, Wayne, and it was great chatting with you yesterday. I have soooo much to learn! This site is inspiring me to learn more and more and more. The support from PI is invaluable. Thank you
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