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  • Hello to you old friend, please send me an email to
    Peace and Love to you and yours.
  • Hello Old Friend! I'm gonna come back here and start participating - hope you are well
  • Hey you - too long before I check in here, LOL - sent you an email - hope all is well with you - big hugs friend!!!  xoxox

  • Stopping by to say hello and say - You are amazing!  

  • Hi Wayne thank you for the warm welcome. Yes I am here to learn as much as I can...
  • Happy Birthday Wayne!!!!

  • Hi Wayne,

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I look forward to participating in the Powerful Intentions community!

    Love and honour,


  • hello ol' friend...our hair is about the same color these days, lol...miss our group connections and intention calls :)  just wanted to stop by and say hello xoxox

  • Wayne: ongrats on being a featured member. Dorothy

  • Hi Wayne.....I wonder if you could tell me why I can't send any messages or post any discussions? there is a large moving advertisement for Smokey the Bear and forest fire prevention on the area where I would write and I cannot access the area. any help would be greatly appreciated .....thanks, AQ

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