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  • Hey you! :) Shoot me a message if you still check this. 

    -Spirit Kid

  • HEYYYYYYYY! :D You around? Time to catch up! I'm trying to get access to my old email addy so I can message you back properly. If you see this before you see an email from me, shoot me your email so we can get back in touch (more consistently). Hope all is well your way! Talk soon <3

  • I don't know how the site lets you know I message you, but sent ya a message. :D

  • lol I think the beauty is that nothing goes as I planned, and I think I really love that. :) Life knows how much I love mystery, suspense, and the unexpected, so it makes sure that I don't get bored. Hopefully this message reaches you. As well, I hope everything is going wonderful on your end! Shoot me a message sometime. I'll update you on why I've disappeared for so long. 

  • :) 

  • Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving! :) Was thinkin bout ya, so figured I would stop in. If you get this, shoot a message my way. I'll try to get on email later and give you the long awaited update! lol :D

  • Hi WeeBGB, miss you :) Love Cheryl

  • :) You still here?? Sorry about my long absence.

  • Hey, Matt!  :O)  One of these days we'll time it right here!  LOL!  Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, too, and that you have a GREAT Christmas!  I miss talking to you!  I'm still very interested in hearing what you've been up to, so maybe soon we can connect!  If we don't before then, Merry Christmas!!!!  BIG HUG!!!!  :O)  <3

  • That means the world to me WeeBGB!


    Haha, I think I did see the comment but I have to go back to make sure LOL! I definitely seen you around since I joined and you have wonderful advice and experience to share with anyone that comes around! I'm super honored to be friends with you since you're such a positive role model for us all!  :D


    Thanks again, your comments made my day. And I totally ADORE fairies haha so I love the picture! I saved it on my computer!

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