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  • Thanks for your kind words Wendee....I checked out your website. It's awesome and I love what you do!! How is it going for you?

    Happy Summer!!

  • Thank you Wendee for the great wishes...I think you must be powerful in your intentions because good stuff is happening already =) I have networked more on my birthday yesterday than ever before and before i realized it i was on that thing (computer) from 5am until 5:30pm and finally went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. so funny... but i got a lot of work done
  • Welcome to Powerful Intentions Wendee! You'll love this community of like-minded individuals!! The energy here is amazing....

    In Peace & Prosperity,

    Powerful Intentions Sponsor

    P.S. I`d love to share my Law of Attraction freedom plan with you. Just ask....

  • Hello Dear,
    I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name is Marlene Marion and I am an Advanced EFT practitioner.

    I just started a group on this site called

    Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW,

    that I hope you will check out.

    I know everyone is overwhelmed with Gee another group! However I think this will be fun and informative. This) is a very powerful and easy to use modality. As we are all Energy, everything is Energy and EFT deals directly with Energy Meridians, My success rate is off the charts in this weird but wonderful modality.

    I feel an urgency as we are approaching 2012 and the importance to clear out our blockages (pain, diseases) so we have peace more fully anchored in our bodies, so we can more effectively project it out word. I work a little out of the box using Meditation, Angels, Intuition, EFT and Intention to give this added power.

    I have helped many healers heal, because it’s always harder to heal yourself. I use video sessions, that you can use now to get started right away.

    Please Join me and lets have some fun, The Healing Begins NOW isn't about time you worked on you! Here the link:

    I have many EFT practitioners that have joined me in my quest on my other sites and they join right in. I love it!

    This is just a 7 minute Video and can change your perception on why you have pain, disease, limiting belief’s, and energy blockages.

    Watch this Video on EFTWatch the new EFT video
    Love & Light
    Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW
    Using Intuition, Angels and Meditation combined with EFT to great success, to help heal and transform lives. A place where even the Healer comes to g…
  • Hello

    I wanted to stop by and say Welcome....It's great to see you here at Powerful Intentions!

    I hope you will accept my invitation as I would be honored to have you as my friend.

    Happy Networking and if I can be of assistance, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

    To your success;
    Debbie Bowie
    Maryland, USA

    I help frustrated network marketers become successful leaders and I do it for free.

    If nothing is working for you... It's not your fault! I can prove it.

    “Be a Mentor with a Servant’s Heart.”
  • Greetings Wendee form Scoltand
    welcome to the PI community
    have a great weekend
    invest in your health and not your sickness
    Mike O
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    Welcome to PI


  • Hello WendeePhotobucket


  • Welcome to PI Wendee!!
    Love & light ~ Azure
  • Hey girl! I'm so glad you joined this absolutely incredible website! Isn't it great to have our powerful intentions lead us here? Don't forget to join my AWAKEN group when you can and post what it is that awakening is for you! =) Love ya, Kristen
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