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  • Hi Will,

    I just looked up the links that you posted in your message in the main chatting room. I truly enjoyed them. It encouraged me that I can have good grades in my online classes and medical coding class and I still have hope that my ex will completely love me and be official with me while his struggles are in the process of being resolved.

    I can see different kinds of movies such as "Pursuit of Happiness" , "MLB(?)", "Steve Jobs that has inspired, in the "NEVER GIVE UP - Motivational Video." So I am wondering what are your favorite movie. Please keep share your inspired stuffs to us!

  • hey! sorry for taking a while to get back at you. actually, the book moved from the floor to the shelf. i had thrown it acrooss the room onto the floor, but when i crossed the room to pick it up & put it on the shelf, it was already there, behind glass doors that had remained closed the entire time. haha, and i am totally an emotinal person, how did you know? :P i even had an experience like that, where i had about an hour of intense positive emotion while thinking about life, and when i came back home, the bush outside my front door (it was entirely dark green when i left) was covered in yellow splotches. and it stayed that way (including new grwth) until i moved away 7 months later. that emotion was very strong, but not specifically trying to do anything. that's pretty cool to think about.... i'm gonna keep my 'eye' out for such correlations in the future..... thanks! i hope you have a magical day ;)

  • Hi Will! :) Yes, I have found him and am I ever glad that I did! I was looking for information on parallel universes and came across his video. The video I shared on here is the first video I have seen from him. I look forward to listening to his other teachings. He is easy to listen to :) 

  • Of course I was looking at it for something more than entertainment.I think that LOA needs to be supplemented with a few more concepts for a better life. By itself, it is not as complete as some people claim. (Just my opinion)  

    I find that regular movies also highlight some very important spiritual principles. I think that is true for a few Disney movies. I remember watching Frozen, she could defreeze only with love and freeze again with fear. It has so much to do with Abe's teachings or simply any spiritual teacher - Love makes a way when fear blocks it! 

    I recently watched The Shawshank Redemption ( I know its a bit late to watch it now but I never made it past the first 15 min ) In that, Freeman is afraid of leaving the prison and gets rejected every time by the parole board but when the banker guy tells him about something he buried under a tree in some field, it gives him hope and a purpose, he not only gets released he goes to meet the banker in Mexico and probably starts a new life there! Oh and the ' Salvation lies within ' quote..just loved it! 

    BTW I looked at your profile page sure do love the skyline and the space needle :D 

  • Re what you wrote in reply to Drew (and I LOVE it by the way) I've heard this about men ALL THE EFFING TIME.  But I keep hearing it's not true for women  That we have to be a 10 to have best results and I kinda want someone to tell me that men - even handsome young hunks - can be attracted to even average older women too, even though I am not a 20 year old Russian supermodel type (though lots of people say I am pretty or even beautiful. :-) ) "

    Easefirst and Sir Neil said everything that needs to be said.      But I will say this about women being attracted to you.  Your looks has nothing I MEAN NOTHING to do with women being attracted to you.  

    Let me see can I offer my opinion on attracting the woman you desire.

     First of all love yourself and the way you are first. Do not let other human beings dictate how you should feel about yourself.

    Remove all the TV and movie relationship non sense from your mind.   Your energy is what attracts people rather they consciously know it or not.  Every woman or even men responds to you based on how you feel about yourself and how you feel about them in the current moment.  If you see a  woman that you like then determine what type of relationship you desire in the moment, imagine it first and get the feeling of it. Law of attraction will take care of the rest.  If you do not have a specific woman in mind then imagine and feel the feeling of every woman you desire being attracted to you. Let that feeling of that situation be all you need for right now and watch your dating life change. Remember everybody you come in contact with responds to your energy only.  You could be the most tall good looking guy out there and still get rejected by the females you desire because it's all about your energy.  I know a guy right now that has called unattractive more than once but as soon as he started using Law of attraction he started getting the women he desires   

    Have you ever heard a woman or man say  "I'm so attracted to him or her and I don't know why"  That is because that individual is holding a high frequency positive emotions about him or herself and a high frequency positive emotion about whatever type of relationship they have with people.  

    Beauty is in your energy and nowhere else.  when they say it's on the inside that counts, they're telling the truth but most people don't understand..."

    Please, I really would LOVE to know, or just help me get it into my head this can be true for women too, men can be attracted by our energy???

    Because the vast, VAST majority of the world are saying nope.  

  • Thanks for accepting my friend request (:

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