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  • Hi Wolf and Eagle!

    It's you that makes me feel spectacular!
    Such a lovely, generous group of people here
    at Powerful Intentions!

    For you, we have nine free books on powerful
    intentions, free psychic readings on our radio show,
    and four free astrology programs!

    We have crystal classes to clear your
    chakras and enhance your abundance
    and clairvoyant and intuitive abilities.

    Please enjoy and tell your friends!

    Add me as a friend if you like, my
    invite list is full!

    Love and Light,

  • Hello and welcome!

    Wishing you success and abundance in all things!

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  • Hiya, welcome to Powerful Intentions, I know you will love your stay here. Its always wonderful to meet new friends. Stop by my page, there is an amazing gift there for everyone. Blessings to you & yours always.
  • Hi there.

    I just wanted to welcome you to the New Powerful Intentions site. I have been on the new and old sites for about a year now and I really love it.

    Please stop by my page anytime to chat! I love photography, spending time with family and friends and nature. I manage a nature center so nature is one of my favorite things.

    Please feel free to add me as a friend.

    Hope to see you soon!

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  • Hi Kat,
    I am a member just logged in and for some reason it asked me to join?
    Odd however I am here and I appreciate YOU!

    H=Human U=Using G=God= S=Spirit
    from Christina
  • Hi Sweet Friend! Welcome to Powerful Intentions! :-) I thought you were already a member here?! At any rate - I hope you have fun and enjoy your time here! Please accept my personal invitation to join my group here at Powerful Intentions: The Magic Happens. Hope to see you there!
    Happy Trails
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