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  • Hiya Zacq! Ha cool video! How are ya? Havent spoken in a while! Have a nice weekend you...

    love and hugs! Erin x
  • Hey Zacq!! that was an awesome video..gratitude dance!! yup we shuld all least in our out what im doing for fun and giving back on meet Dallas,tx...I am orginizer for dallas chapter the Quantum and i have just started my own L.O.A group called The M.O.R.E Guild....also promoted threw meet in touch B-inPower! A.A

  • ~***~ Thank you, Zacq, for the encouragement ~***~
    ..........with Love and Appreciation ~ Michael :)


  • Find more videos like this on The Boundless Living Challenge
    Adam :)
  • Thank you for the warm welcome. I am very grateful that everyone is so open and joyful here :)
  • hi, thanks for your wishes ando for this video, is really great, make feel happy
  • Thank you,Im glad I have all of you GREAT people around me,YES!*S*
  • Good Morning Zacq,
    Thank You for stopping by with that video from YouTube. Matt is a funny guy and a true lover of peoples around the world. Watching this video made me smile in my heart as I watched people "connect" with one another. I know "dancing" as I was a "professional dancer/singer/entertainer" for over 30 years of my life. So tell me Zacq what inspired you to send me this video at 5:22 AM this morning? I would love to get to know you better. And yes, I have added you as my friend. I welcome you into my world. Thank you again for that inspiring video.
    Lots of fun, dance, and joy,
  • Hi Zacq,
    You're welcome, stop by anytime if you want to share anything or like you said just to say Hi, It will be such a pleasure. Thank you!!!
  • Hi Zacq, Thank you again for the request. It is a pleasure to meet you.
    Best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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