blackberry replied to Eevee's discussion Problems letting go in Changing Physical Appearance
"Absolutely agreed, one of the best things I have read for ages and I too copy/pasted so that I may refer to daily.
Many thanks for taking the time to post your understanding here, maybe you could talk some more about any other area to inspire us, it…"
Aug 30, 2016
blackberry replied to Anna's discussion Having trouble believing that you are living in your desired body? in Changing Physical Appearance
"Omg that vid is BRILLIANT"
May 28, 2015
blackberry replied to Adriana1's discussion Wobble first thing in the morning? in Changing Physical Appearance
"My very darkest time of the day is upon awaking.  So I can relate to you absolutely.
It seems like I emerge from whatever is in my subconscious and that's why I feel so bad, because I'm certain my subconscious is full of negative programming, low…"
Dec 25, 2014
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"Camillo Loken once told me, when I asked him the same, to go in to Nature, as Nature has a naturally high vibration, so if you spend time in the woods, or by the sea or anywhere outside the town, then your vibration will be raised.  You'll feel…"
Jul 10, 2014
blackberry replied to Johanna's discussion How I changed my hair type, hair growth and breast size in Changing Physical Appearance
"Brilliant...just brilliant. This is like Helen Hadsell:  you know what you want; you know you will get it.  None of the pining, none of the longing, just simple life view.
Thank you Johanna for posting this. I want to ask you a thousand questions…"
Jul 4, 2014
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"Aww thanks zigg hopper that's such a very nice thing to say.  Your fishes are nice too"
Dec 31, 2013
blackberry replied to Libya Jordan's discussion Changing your body shape in Changing Physical Appearance
"Brilliant quote.  I got this in my hotmail from Enoch Mind Reality today:

Altering Matter and Energy with Mental Power“From our point of view, matter and energy is vibrational in nature, but to your physical senses it seems very solid. It is…"
Dec 25, 2013
blackberry replied to Anna's discussion Mood swings.. in Changing Physical Appearance
"Anna, this is exactly what I am going through.  When I get myself to a good place, it feels like heaven, like nothing can hurt me and it feels like the 'detachment' you need to create in life.  It feels like love from within.  But it never lasts,…"
Dec 15, 2013