divine57 left a comment on SWITCHWORDS
"Dear Kat I made it myself thinking of one of my sister's son....who needs to be obedient .and make  himself useful to his parents.DIVINE-TRUST-BE"
Jul 14, 2012
divine57 left a comment on SWITCHWORDS
"What does these switchwords used for..any situations?
Jul 13, 2012
divine57 replied to feifei's discussion energy circle gives opposite effect in SWITCHWORDS
"Dear All can we do this tareing method for behalf of anybody.??And which are the circles to be used in tareing method.??
Jul 3, 2012
divine57 replied to Savvyheal's discussion Switch Word combo required for getting a job in SWITCHWORDS
"Dear Siva today i read your reply to savey ..i see that you send distant reiki also.Can i Ask You and request you to send reiki to one of my sister's son who is  a person who always demand Money from his parents and trouble them.He is not emplyed …"
Jul 3, 2012