DarkBeauty replied to dream weaver's discussion how to change eye color with pictures in Changing Physical Appearance
"There's info all over the web about using honey/water, msm, and a few other things to lighten your eyes. There's even videos on Youtube about it for the people who are interested in this type w/o paying. I've looked up tons of info and I'm about to…"
Mar 30, 2014
dream weaver posted a discussion in Changing Physical Appearance
hi  i want to put my picture up of the time i changed my eye color, it might not be proof enough for everyone but it is proof enough for me and my family.i ahve been trying to change my eye color for a long time and even though i did try hypnosis (…
Mar 29, 2014
dream weaver replied to HOOPE's discussion Scars and stretch marks???? in Changing Physical Appearance
"would you be against anything done physically with LOA or do you want just totally LOA with no physical action whats so ever?
because there are technique you can do with the right intention to get rid of stretch marks and scars"
Mar 29, 2014
dream weaver replied to Icemail's discussion Grow taller ? Believe.... ? But how? in Changing Physical Appearance
"i dont get why there is so much doubt
the world its self a miracle with all its creativity, 
you dont need to see proof why dont pple instead of waiting for proof, they should prove it for themselves, instead of waiting for proof
simple as that.
Mar 26, 2014
dream weaver replied to james's discussion consistent thoughts in Changing Physical Appearance
"I think i know what your talking about.
you have a good amount of focus but then you loose it 
i think you might be over doing it and then you cant "focus" anymore
the best way where i felt i saw physical change happen is really to focus for a…"
Mar 26, 2014
dream weaver left a comment on Straight Teeth Without Braces
"hi blue river keep up being grateful, it reminds us all to be grateful"
Jun 22, 2009
dream weaver left a comment for J_the_cat
"hi J the cat"
Feb 11, 2009
dream weaver left a comment on Straight Teeth Without Braces
"welcome to the group geiko
i have red some of you comments and found the way you are manifesting very fascinating
think we can change anything if we focus on it and have strong faith. i think with faith alone you can change anything about yourself.…"
Jan 8, 2009