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  • 6254138072?profile=originalsending love your way Gen! xxooo Happy New Year!

  • Sorry I never got to respond back to you previously. The past few years have been a bit rocky my way, but it's walking on rocks that give you the feet to traverse anything, right? :) I'm going to be popping back in/out again, so hopefully we'll get a chance to speak sometime. I hope all has been great your way!

  • snowman-clipart-love-5.jpg

  • Thank you very much Genevieve.

    Peace & Blessings.

  • Hi Gen! How are your eyes? I am trying to improve my sight and I recall you had success with this! ((((Hug))))
  • Genevieve!!! OMG!! What an amazing surprise!!

    I'm so sorry, I didn't see your message before.

    I'm so happy to get this sweet message from you!! It feels so good to see old friends from PI again to drop by and say hello, and see they're doing well :-) :-).

    Aww you're sweet. I'm not really a composer ;-), those pieces on my page are old stuff, from a bit before I joined PI, but it's in my Vortex to do it everyday again as a hobbie.

    I hope you're doing great and have manifested lots of wonderful stuff! :-)



  • Dearest Gen, Your message was incredibly moving because of the timing. It shows how truly connected we are. My beautiful, precious, best friend, Molly, my doggie, died lastnight. I can't seem to stop crying. Please send a hug. Love you and congratulations on your new family member. The best blessing of all is a dog.
  • G'morning Genevieve, I happened to notice you in a thread and realized you've returned. It's been many years since we've spoke, so no clue if you remember me from back in the day. lol Either way, I hope you're doing great. 

    - Mateusz 

  • OMG Genevieve I could hardly remember that event its so long ago...and yes I remember strangely we didn't get to talk, I love Dr Brenda Davis 

    I am living in the West of Ireland now full time 


  • Hi Genieve
    Lovely to here from you 
    I hope life is good. I don't go into the site at all now.
    This is a quick note as its late 
    Life is good TG 
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