gigi left a comment on Love President Obama!!!
"God BLess America! I am so bless to be an American"
Nov 10, 2008
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"lol! I get very happy when I see a sister on this site expressing her spirituality cause it confirms to me that " I know what I know" specially when I connect with some one that knows what she knows. Yes! you are right we are looked upon as strange…"
Oct 12, 2008
gigi left a comment on Tarot
"thank you for starting this group!"
Sep 5, 2008
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"Thank you brother of light!"
Aug 11, 2008
gigi left a comment on The BIGGEST GIFT of The Secret.
"Hello everyone I hope that you guys are having the best Friday of your life. Thank you Big Blue! I started my vision board last week and from that moment I notice some thing, The car that I want have been following me every where. Although I have…"
Jul 25, 2008
gigi left a comment for Bhadra
"Thank You Mrs. B! I tried what you suggested on yesterday by giving him a call and he did not answer, but he returned my call in ten minutes. We spoke and he ended the phone call by saying "luv You". Yes I am scared because of the past but I am…"
Jul 20, 2008
gigi left a comment for Bhadra
"I met a man about four years ago at my job, as I came close to passing him for the first time in the halls I got this strange feeling in which I reacted to by doing a birds mating call if you know what I mean. For example, my hair was in a pony tail…"
Jul 19, 2008
gigi replied to Tinker's discussion Attracting all wrong... in SINGLES Club!
"Ok! I hope what I am writing makes sense. When you start to see yourself as a wife the need to go out and find a man will disappear because you are sending the message that you are in a devine commitment bonded by the universe. Words like booooty…"
Jul 11, 2008
gigi replied to Cheronda's discussion Getting ready for a perfect partner in SINGLES Club!
"I have been working on myself for the past seven years, within that seven years I have learned that before anybody can love me and share their peace with me I have to have it in place inside of me. I also know that I can not be ready for anybody but…"
Jul 11, 2008
gigi left a comment on Soulmate's Club! Club des âmes soeurs! Club de las Almas Gemalas!
"Because we are love;therefore, we attract who we are"
Jul 11, 2008
gigi replied to Annmarie-ReRe's discussion Oprah Soul Series Exercise with Wayne Dyer #2 in A New Earth
"Hello! I am new to this site and I can say I finally found a place where I can express my thoughts freely. I want to start by thanking Annmarie for explaining the above passage. I had an experience this week with a family member that I need to…"
Jul 11, 2008