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  • Thank you Gislenne for being a friend! Your message and mission is inspiring:-) is your selfless motivation and dedication to address the poverty going on right around us, right here...
    Blessings and gratitude to you!
    ~Namaste~ Krista
  • Hi Gislenne,
    Thank you!
    Regards Shefqet
  • Aw, I'm sorry about Gigi. I lost my first cat, Baby, to cancer. She was very loving and is the reason I met my husband. My pup's name is Rose. She's a god-send! She's always so full of joy, she always makes me smile, even when I don't want to!
  • Hey, hi,
    Thanks for your nice words but it really looks bad. Only a miracle will get us back together and honestly, it does not look like it will happen. How sad am I????
  • Thanks for your note - I've found that reading Wattles a lot will surprise you. There will be times of frustration where you will laugh at how your beliefs have changed for the better. Remember: "NO possible combination of circumstances can defeat a MAN OR WOMAN who is proceeding to get rich along strictly scientific lines."
  • lol... Are people under 18 so rare around here? We should really try to spread the law as much as possible! I thought teenagers and kids were actually more open-minded and believe in stuff that other older people don't (due to the problems they're having in life, the "reality" as they call it...)

    Have a great weekend! :)
  • Hi Debs,
    I'm great! Thank's for the kind words : ) I know what your going through about your home. Been there done that recently... and looking back, it's starting to make sense why also. Check out this whole vid when you get the chance. This is not really as much of a crisis, as it is a covert "power play" with a "crisis" bait. Let's spread the word because as a collective, us humans have already cultivated enough in terms of resource and knowledge....that we should all be living in abundance already. I think people would really care if they fully understood. Let's spread the word!

    Cheers :)



    Gislenne...Have a lovely Thanksgiving week!
    Be well and may positive and healing energy surround you (smile)Michael
  • Hi there! Hope all is well with you and yours. Just taking a moment to stop in and say hi to everyone. Make sure to stop by and add me as a friend too!

    Warm Regards,

    Dawn McIntyre
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