hannah left a comment on Spirit Guides.
"awesome... loook fwd to expanding more each day... Love the poem Kat Osbourne wrote!!! Blessssings to alll in this grp and world!!"
May 15, 2011
hannah left a comment for Annmarie-ReRe
"Hi there AnnMarie~~ReRe~~~~~~~~~~~~~` my name is Hannah... i came across your name because you started the Louise Hay page... Love her work~~~ I have been a fan of hers since the mid 80's.. i am also a healer/massage therapist and motivational spker…"
May 15, 2011
hannah left a comment on Louise Hay You can Heal your Life
"Love everything abt Louise Hay!!! Been a huge fan of hers when she 1st appeared in public in the late 80's!!!! Very powerful woman & has done some major things in her life!!! Her bio is just deeply moving!!!  <3<3<3<3
May 15, 2011
hannah left a comment on SWITCHWORDS
"awesome style of re directing our thoughts... very powerful... new to this site & page~~~ have enjoyed trying out the words to heal some MAJOR things that used to really bother me~~~ Now no emotional charge!!! Gottta LOVE IT ~~~~"
May 12, 2011
hannah left a comment for frog
"girl friend You are drop dead beyond gorgeous!!! saw your profile on the switch words page... what an interesting concept huh... i tried a few words already and i feel super.. oh by the way~~~ I love praying the Ho Oponopono~~~ talk abt POWERFUL!!!…"
May 10, 2011
hannah left a comment for Curtis Rivers
"wowwwwwwwwwwwwww... Curtis thanks for ur sweet and powerfull and loving message... i was roaming around loooking at this sections of which i wasnt aware of and saw alll these messages from people i had no idea had sent... Yours reallly touched me…"
May 10, 2011
hannah left a comment on Powerful Intentions the " Official " Group and Forum
"Thanks everyone... I loook fwd to being a huge part of this grp ~~~~~ I am also willling to be a beacon,friend ,supportive,inspirational for any member on this site & grp!!!!! Yipppppppeee  :):):)  <3<3<3<3<3"
May 10, 2011