hazzelika left a comment on The Magic Happens
"I believe that magic will happen this year!!. My husband will get a great job in QF and I can finally quit my job to receive our new born baby.
Wishing ALL happiness,peace, joy and prosperity .
Believe that this life is truly magical !"
Jan 7, 2014
hazzelika replied to Stargazer's discussion Using the Law of Attraction for a New Job in The Magic Happens
"I am positive that it could be the reason you are not receiving it, I know how it feels to have doubt creeping over the dreams you have in mind. I used to get many rejections to different interviews and once I said to myself  "I am not scared of it…"
Nov 3, 2013
hazzelika replied to Giovani's discussion Daily Saying Of The Magic Words in Easy World
"Thank you for this easy solution to my problem. I didnt think that by declaring "i choose to have an easy life where everything is easy" difficult situation will change . This will be my mantra n my meditation when life challenges occurs."
Sep 18, 2013
hazzelika left a comment on Easy World
"I had a friend who use the word " Easy, easy " a lot and it used to bother me like I wasn't taken seriously . But now I have seen how his life has turn out , happy and wealthy and I am motivated to do the same now. My life is Easy and effortless...…"
Jul 8, 2012
hazzelika left a comment on My Gratitude Life
"I am so grateful that now I learn to know what I want. I desire to be a carefree person who live life to the fullest . Unaffected by bad happenings around me and by the people who have hurt and wronged me.  Instead i focus on the abundance of life…"
Jun 24, 2012
hazzelika replied to Nicole's discussion How do you deal with work-related stress? in The Magic Happens
"You are more than your job. Therefore do not define yourself by what you do because when you don't.. you are nothing. 
Try to think your job as a mean of income and do what you love when you finish your job.
 I am in customer service related…"
May 31, 2012
hazzelika left a comment on Win the Lottery!
"I don't buy lotery but I have been buying saving certificates from a bank to win the Millon Dollars.... Thank you for creating this wonderful "winners' energy" .
Thank you for making me the winner for 2010 five million QR draw !!!"
Mar 1, 2010
hazzelika left a comment on My Gratitude Life
"Im so grateful for my health and wealth and my soul mate Mourad.
For my family and friends who support and love me the way I am.
For the abundance that I receive in the year 2009 and more to come in 2010..
I am thankful to be alive in 2010 !!!!!"
Jan 2, 2010
hazzelika left a comment on Easy World
"I must say that my job and life seem easier since I join this group.
Thank you for helping me manifesting Easy Life in this Easy World !!!!"
Dec 22, 2009