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    "I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly." ~Buckminster Fuller

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    Messages of empowerment are to be found in all types of places. In the movie 'Hanna Montana' we see how the Miley Cyrus character struggles with the battle of ego over the natural self. In the end, she realizes that the only way to live is from the natural loving you. That realization is a powerful life-affirming awareness all of us will benefit from adopting and living. ~Dave Kenyon
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    "Allowing the truth of who you are--your spiritual self--to rule your life means you stop the struggle and learn to move with the flow of your life."
    ~Oprah Winfrey

    Moving with the flow of life enables you to resonate at a natural higher frequency and thus draw to you that which you seek with much less effort on your part. ~Dave Kenyon

    Giving with the Flow of Life
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    My friend, the violet flame is a pure and powerful cleansing attunement that transmutes the negative energies that reside within from toxic beliefs and attitudes; free yourself as you continue your transformational experience. ~Dave Kenyon
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    "The summit of happiness is reached when a person is ready to be what he is."

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    Live your life with happiness as your focus and love in your heart; breath free of the expecations of others and with full devotion to your life's intentions. ~Dave kenyon
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  • Hey thanks, no problem! Thought I'd share some, learn some you know! Plus it's not find the kind of guidance that you need. I figure if everyone can be who they want to be...(barring that they don't want to be world dictator lol) then this world might be a better place :D
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  • Thanks for the add! I'm glad you like my blogs. I am always going to be posting more, for your reading pleasure!
  • Hey :) just wanted to drop by and spread some positive vibes, enjoy PI it's a great place to be.... Looking forward to connecting with you :)

    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined!


  • Welcome to Powerful Intentions! Hope you'll add me as a friend. :) Looking forward to connecting more in the future and finding out more about you. Feel free to check out my PI page and other sites for pictures and more about my story. Recently added pictures to my PI page from our evening with the Agape Choir and Michael Beckwith from The Secret which was incredible. And also one from a recent run-in with none other than Bob Proctor! :) Hope you've had an amazing week and are set for a great weekend!
    Prosperity & Light,
    Melissa in Arizona
    Powerful Business Using "The Secret"
    158 Countries & Growing!
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