honeyinjections replied to Sal's discussion Need an ugly girl as a manifesting buddy who wants to completely change her appearance in Changing Physical Appearance
"lol I wouldn't say I'm ugly(After all society seems more geared toward European standards of beauty and I don't fit that really lol) but I am a highly motivated person who is setting out to change my appearance. Mostly tweaking different here and…"
Jul 11, 2017
honeyinjections replied to Chrissy Carter's discussion SMALL Changes With Cell Talking in Changing Physical Appearance
"I've had good results with cell talking, I need to go back to it. I also listen to subliminals at the same time."
Apr 20, 2017
honeyinjections replied to Maya's discussion Subliminals Channel! in Changing Physical Appearance
"Just wondering if theres a limit to how many subliminals someone can listen to each day? I am listening to a few right now but I also want to try yours...."
Sep 18, 2016