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    hope to hear from you soon beautiful!! :) besos***

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  • Hey I just did this. Enjoyyyyy



  • Hi Jennifer!

    Hope the ebook & form you received were helpful.

    Let me know, OK? I'd love to celebrate your finding a good means to support yourself, just now.

    You're doing great! :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,

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  • Hi Jennifer,

    Okay! :O)

    Sounds like you're open to a holistic approach. Definitely view Abraham videos, because they're a great way to start feeling like the Real You. And that can help you put particular plans into action, if they're right for you.

    This plan may or may not be right for you.

    My intuition tells me it may very well be perfect. You will need to create a crappy web site, however. A one page affair is fine. You can use a Wordpress blog, in fact. You may need to hook up with a geek to do this. Or maybe you can pay someone. If there's a college nearby (and if you're in ballet, you're probably close to one), you should be able to do this pretty easily. If you must, just ask, ask, ask around.

    Okay, the report and the form are attached.

    Let me know what you think, and keep me more or less in the loop, will you, Jennifer? :O)

    ***Oh, and please delete this message, as soon as you're secure that you've downloaded these two reports.

    Sunshine & Blessings,



  • Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for asking a very straightforward question at the forum.

    Rather than start controversy, here's a question about your interest in making money without focusing on a job: Are you interested in implementing a plan or learning more about vibes and LOA practices?

    There's a short (about 8 page) report with a form to hand likely clients you might want to read. However, some people don't consider such things landing on their lap Law Of Attraction. Perhaps if the information appeared in a dream it would count, all the sudden.

    If getting the actual information's of interest to you (its author shared it for free, so this isn't a sales pitch), please make contact, and we'll see if this could be of use.

    Seems like a sensible way to do this, in my opinion, anyway.

    What do YOU think, Jennifer? :O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,

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