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  • NDlhOGEyODUyMDA3NWEzNDJm.gif A teardrop from heaven
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  • Thank you ???
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  • Beautiful picture Khelil. Thank you for posting it. Sending you best wishes for a glorious day, Debra
  • This video was sent to me from my father. I thought you might enjoy and appreciate. The prayer at the end reminded me of you.

    Love you dear friend, Janine
  • Have a wonderful day!
  • Thanks for the wonderful picture! As lambs we can cavort with lions when we release our fears and recognize our kinship.
  • I like your jokes on here!! funny! the pics look like a beautiful place...I don't know much of you live here? I think it's kind that you care for the elderly. I enjoy my health and vitality very much and appreciate so much my physical abilities to be active. Have a wonderful enjoyable day. I plan on staying young forever! (As long as there is botox and miss clairol!!) Smiles.
  • Thank You Khelil it's a beautiful image. It's true we are "one with all", one energy, unlimited field of consciousness : )
    love and light
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