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  • Thanks for the nice comment. I have you already on my friends list. I would be honored if you would include me on yours.
    I have met many great, GREAT people here already.
    This is a wonderful place to visit and yes, homelike. It's good to visit with old and new friends. Learning, helping and receiving much. This is the best gift of all. Happy to know you.
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  • Bless your heart Barbara and all the best.
  • Thank you for inviting me. I do need some TLC and healing. I think I attracted your invite :) Thanks!
  • Thank you. They are my dogs. Each one was a rescue. They are very precious gifts. Thanks for your note.
  • That's my little dog, Joey. I have 3...Zoe who is 13, Ruby who is 3, and Joey who is 2. I also have a cat, Belle, who is 9. I am an animal lover, that's for sure!
  • Thanks so much for the comments and invitations! I am glad to meet kindred souls here and am glad to be part of this community. Wishing you a magic week! Love, Steliana

  • blessed be!
  • Welcome To My Tree OF Life New Friend...............................


    Im a Mental/Physical Health Therapist/Millionaire ExtraOrdinaire.
    I invite you to come to my Spot here on PI and sit a spell, put your feet up, and check out my Network that pays you as you socialize.
  • Hello M. mirror,I am sorry for I didn't notice your question in your comment on 28th september

    It can be solved: mi daughters ages are 11 and 7 y.o.
    Best wishes

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