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  • Big hugs!*;D

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    "To accept ourselves as we are means to value our imperfections as much as our perfections."
    ~Sandra Bierig

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    With a healthy self-appreciation, we become happily self-reliant,
    free to pursue the life we choose.
    Knowing we are responsible for all the choices we make
    we’ll be inspired to make better choices,
    improving our life and the lives of those around us."
    ~Gayleen Williams (The Happiness Toolkit)

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  • Hi Noor
    Thank you for your very kind message, it is a blessing to have you as friend. May your life be as enlightened as possible
    Have a wonderful week
  • Wow, that's a really cool graphic. I just got done looking for one to send you, but the site I found didn't support Macs.

    Have a truly wonderful week noor.

    With love, light & aloha,
  • Have a wonderful new week Noor, love and *hugs*
  • Hey there!
    Thanks for the really lovely picture. Your kind words have been stored in a very special place in my heart.
    I am sending you all the love and blessings I can muster at this time.
    Keep well and keep seeing what will eventually be in your experience soon.

    With love and laughter

  • Good evening noor,

    Hope your weekend it treating you well.

    I love the way you sign off . . . "With Peace, Love and Respect" . . . that's good. :-}

    With love & aloha from the islands,
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    "All human beings are interconnected, one with all other elements in creation."
    ~Henry Reed

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    My friend, the photo above is called the Pillars of Creation. All life is about creation and you and I, all of us, are constantly creating through our focus and intentions. Guard well your thoughts and feelings that they may be the framework for creating a life that is loving, nurturing, prosperous, peaceful, harmonious and fulfilling. ~Dave
  • Thank you and a Happy Easter to you.
    I have been having wonderful dreams of the things that I have been wanting to manifest into my life. Just discovered that our dreams are from our inner being - a communication to our physical being. Just watched a utube message from Abraham hicks to say that dreams tell us or enlighten us about what we are manifesting. If you feel good/positive in your dreams then you are on the right track. If not then you have the power to change what you are manifesting. Is that not wonderful ??????????
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