rizne777 replied to shinysara's discussion Week 3 of Natalie's method in Changing Physical Appearance
"This is exactly what you need for the changes to happen. When your desire feel ordinary, it is on the verge of manifesting. I am really happy to hear that you are able to get this far, Happy Manifesting!!!!"
Jul 1, 2018
rizne777 replied to ToweringPaul's discussion Smaller Increments in Changing Physical Appearance
"Great job!!!! I always wanted to do that too because like you said it is easier to believe and hard for people to reject that, but for some reason I cannot get my desired height out of my head because I guess I have had it for so long. Really happy…"
Jan 7, 2018
rizne777 replied to Aaron's discussion I'm back.... in Changing Physical Appearance

Glad to see you in good spirits and glad to hear that you are not depressed anymore. Welcome back and Thanks for sharing the natural remedy, I am sure a lot of people can benefit from this information. The key to success in manifesting is…"
Nov 1, 2017
rizne777 replied to Maya's discussion Hair Color Change AND Proof! + Update + Update again! 10.05 UPDATE in Changing Physical Appearance
"Wow wow those are some amazing results. They are definitely red and you are officially a redhead now, congrats!!!!"
Oct 19, 2017
rizne777 replied to Soham's discussion Make a wish for yourself in Changing Physical Appearance
"I don't know about wishing

I AM 5'6" tall
I HAVE a perfect oval face with a narrow jawline
I HAVE beautiful large eye lid creases
I HAVE a milky white fair skin color all over my body and face

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Jun 12, 2017
rizne777 replied to rizne777's discussion MUST WATCH!!!! in Changing Physical Appearance
"Holistic Heather is another who is openly speaking on this subject
May 24, 2017
rizne777 replied to Thegirlwhoburnsobright's discussion Before I was really positive and feeling genuinely beautiful, but suddenly bad memories with negative thoughts showed in my mind... I need help. in Changing Physical Appearance
"It happens, and don't feel down or feel that you've slowed the process. We have lived our entire lives in this stupid world with their dumb beliefs so these things will happen and we all hold bad past memories. Don't resist, allow yourself to feel…"
May 19, 2017
rizne777 replied to rizne777's discussion MUST WATCH!!!! in Changing Physical Appearance

You are spot on and it is a cycle, cannot break away from negativity constantly fee on me and just is a cycle. Consistency is not needed like to do an action but it is needing in feeling good about youself which is really the key. You…"
May 19, 2017
rizne777 replied to rizne777's discussion MUST WATCH!!!! in Changing Physical Appearance
"Hi Radioactive

Do you mean the girl on Youtube!? No that's not me, just someone I found recently talking about changing physical appearance. I'm glad that my posts helped up, it's a process and you have to be consistent and being consistent is…"
May 17, 2017
rizne777 replied to rizne777's discussion MUST WATCH!!!! in Changing Physical Appearance
"I have been doing well, Thanks. I am so glad to see someone speaking on this subject so easily and hearing her process. You never know, maybe you reattracted this video again to reitirate something you have been feeling hehe."
May 15, 2017
rizne777 replied to rizne777's discussion MUST WATCH!!!! in Changing Physical Appearance
"She has an amazing presence for sure, I love her voice and energy. A lot of things she said I have already been doing like the placebo thing and we have discussed this here on this forum a lot as well as other tips but this subject is getting out…"
May 15, 2017
rizne777 posted a discussion in Changing Physical Appearance
Hi Gang,This video is must watch for everyone here, little inspiration for everyone herehttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FgXtfhkq3rQThe link should be converted to desktop when you click on it. Enjoy!!!!
May 14, 2017
rizne777 replied to Seralise's discussion Growing Shorter In Height ( and having a mental image of desired body ) ? in Changing Physical Appearance
"People would die to be your height. Are you a young teenager who is struggling with not being able to date because guys are shoter at this age?. My desired height is 5'6" but 5'9" looks amazing too. Clothes look better on you and you will stand out.…"
Jan 20, 2017
rizne777 replied to Jahara's discussion About member regeneration in Changing Physical Appearance
"That's amazing! I wish her all the best and all the blessings, very inspiring and impressive!"
Jan 17, 2017
rizne777 replied to Evelyn Black's discussion The Usefulness of Action and Inaction in Changing Physical Appearance
"Perfect! This is exactly what is needed for manifestation but most stuff we try to change we hold resistance towards it. This is why I started again now with my eye color because I have the least resistance towards them. My goal is to get that way…"
Dec 28, 2016
rizne777 replied to kiki Adam's discussion Nose progress with pics :) in Changing Physical Appearance
"I see a definite difference, I decided to look at the picture first before reading to guess your goal and I was point on which means there is a definite difference that is so obvious. Just wanted to give an honest opinion, love your progress. Your…"
Dec 26, 2016