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  • I have been pretty busy, but in a good way! But rest is needed..and a good summers day ride!
    I have a new job starting soon, and continue with the horses and my family and friends! Good to be here, like I said its been a bit busy as of late, but things will come to a calm in time. Be well and take care of YOU in the mean time. Thank you for adding me. Peace, Kathryn
  • You have great insights.
    let's be friends. to know more about what i do, please look at my blog

    June "as me as you as all life"
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    "There is more to life than increasing its speed."

    "Relax into the present moment."
    ~Gary Zukav
  • Welcome Spiritedstrider to the A New Earth Group! I hope you enjoy it and I'm thrilled you joined! I love your picture-it's so uplifting and happy! Since you live in New York you might be interested in the Lightworkers network my friend started-they have information about classes, meetings, etc check it out-
    Catskill Lightworkers

    talk to you soon! Have a marvelous, inspiring, uplifting, beautiful week! In love and light!~Annmarie
  • Hi Spirited Rider!

    It's you that makes me feel spectacular!
    Such a lovely, generous group of people here
    at Powerful Intentions!

    For you, we have nine free books on powerful
    intentions, free psychic readings on our radio show,
    and four free astrology programs!

    We have crystal classes to clear your
    chakras and enhance your abundance
    and clairvoyant and intuitive abilities.

    Please enjoy and tell your friends!

    Add me as a friend if you like, my
    invite list is full!

    Love and Light,

  • I did not read Astonishing Power of Emotions yet it on my list!..LOL..Would love to join your group!
    I love "The Law Of Attraction" 5cd set Esther & Jerry..I listen to it often...Barbara i think TLOA..attracted all of us to this site...I needed this, at the time i found it!...and i sent it off to friends i thought needed it & they also joined....What a great way to spend some free time! ;)
    Have a Blessed Day!
  • Hi there! Thanks to you I'm finding all of these wonderful groups, people, the warmth is inviting and I'm so glad I checked it out. I have not read the Power of Emotions, YET... but I love the videos you added of Abraham. wonderful.
  • It is truly amazing what we attract....I have a horse for 8 yrs now, I changed his name to "Strider" when we bonded. I know the spirit moves in amazing ways. I teach equine therapy, I currently have just him, as I wanted to make life as simple as possible at this time..I was drawn to you for a reason, time will tell. I am truly grateful for this experience! Be well, ..peace, Kathy
  • Hi spiritedstrider!
    Yes we definitely can be friends!!
    You will love it here...I guess i have been a member about a month...But have been into TLOA..a few years now!
    Esther & Jerry Hicks are my idols:)
    They are the only two people i can understand on this subject....Have you read any of their books?
    You must read their book is my bible!..LOL..LOL...
    I have most of their CD'S too!...
    Keep in touch..always here;)
  • Hi,

    In your spare time, please be kind enough to go through this blog mine which is

    Regards and have a great day

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