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Nov 17

We are often told when things are not going well, “Just think positive thoughts and everything will turn out well.”

Well, it isn’t that simple.

The world is going through turbulent times, there’s a frenetic energy all around.
It’s hard to avoid the endless stream of bad news each time that we turn on out televisions or our computers.

We all have “feel good” and “feel bad” experiences and thoughts and they are all normal.

Your feelings are real, but they may not be true. They are real because you are feeling them along with the associated chemical reactions in your body, but they might not be true as far as your own reality is concerned.

It is true that we are always creating our reality by what we are thinking and feeling whether we are aware of it or not.
It is all physics.

We are all made up of the same stuff as everything else in the universe and we are all subjected to the same universal laws. Once you understand a few of these laws, it will all be clear.

This talk is about me helping you understand where your emotions originate and choosing which ones to make a part of your reality.

By the end of the talk, you will have the tools to do just that.

I am sharing my 32 minute talk on a FREE YouTube video here -

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With love and gratitude.

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