Alana posted a status
Nov 28, 2021
im in the 12th day of the Deepak Chopra's 21 day challenge of Abundance.
Bit of an eye opener and have definitely learnt so much about my self and what is causing all of my limiting beliefs. it's really bring me to awareness and have touched a few painf spots within myself.

today I expect and accept abundance to flow through me.

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  • "That Massive Shift you've been waiting for is about to invade your personal space; don't stop its powerful wave. Allow it to completely transform your journey in ways only the Universe could manifest. Your spirit has already anticipated the changes that are headed its way; now it's time for your heart and mind to catch it up. A new world of opportunities, breakthrough and unlimited abundance is opening up for you. Embrace this energy while it's still fresh. Prepare to move forward with grace and gratitude; your path has never been clearer."
  • Welcome to the forum Alana!
    If you are interested here's a good video that you could like about what you wrote: "Abraham Hicks - You Can HAVE IT ALL If You Keep Feeling Good" by 'Andrea Roman'
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