teri left a comment for Deea
"hi Deea,
i have been off line for a long time and I arrived here to find all the beauty you had left me along with little messages of loving care . So I just wanted to show appreciation and once again I delight in the lovely space you have crafted…"
Aug 9, 2010
teri left a comment for Deea
"hi thankyou for the warm and inspirational welcome. I see we share an interest in spiritualy inspired art and writing and you have crafted an
exquisitly beautiful page. I'm delighted you befriended me I will be sharing more about myself on my page…"
Sep 10, 2009
teri left a comment for Light*My*Fire
"thank you for suggesting a way to improve finances that is the opposite of treating people as prospects
love n light teri xxx"
Sep 9, 2009
teri left a comment for Dorine
"hi Dorine so good to see you here still positive and thriving. I don't visit FG very often recently, tho have in last couple of days, and saw you'd not been there also
there is a lot more being shared here
love n light teri"
Sep 8, 2009
teri left a comment for Michael
"thank you for such an exquisitely beautiful inspiring welcome
and for sharing your love n light
Teri xxx"
Sep 8, 2009