war replied to lawofattractionFAN's discussion How to grow taller? in Changing Physical Appearance
"I want to grow taller as well, except that I'm 25, not 15 lol"
Feb 2, 2019
war left a comment on Changing Physical Appearance
"Where's everybody"
Feb 2, 2019
war replied to ToweringPaul's discussion Smaller Increments in Changing Physical Appearance
"So you're 6'4" now? Damn, that's awesome man. I'm roughly 1.80m (5'10) and want to be 1.87m (6'2). How old were you when you started and how old are you now?"
Jan 4, 2018
war posted a discussion in Changing Physical Appearance
I want a much fuller beard, mine is patchy and scarse especially on the cheeks. I'll do a bit of meditation/visualization before going to bed and on the mornings. Let's see how it goes.. if anybody wants the same thing feel free to join this…
Jan 2, 2018