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  • Thanks again. I know I am a strong person and I am here for these kids. he thinks i would crumble and fall....but i am far from it. He think becasue i have no family here i have no support....but the support i have gotten from people have been amazing. With advice...with moving... with a sholder to cry on...i got it. I have to be here for these kids and keep myself smiling...yes i have my occassional mini breakdowns...but that i need to do. I will stand up and I will rise above this. I have not only my kids around me i have God on my side...that i am sure of and he alone knows how this will turn out and I will have to trust he will do the best for me.

  • has been a rough road and it still does seem endless but i jkeep telling myself it will come to an end. This custody battle will end. It is just not that but i am also deeply worried about my kids and the situation he has now involved them in. It is too much for them and the things that they have been telling me he refuses to take it seriously and will not listen. All he thinks about that it is his life and he can do what he wants to. That i agree with but he also must do it with his kids in mind. They must come first and he cannot seem to realize that. I do not know what else i can say or do to make him understand that. He says the kids tell him they r ok but i and other family members hear differently. It breaks my heart what they say and we had a meeting with a therapist and all he can think about is i am trying to control his life .....i told him on numerous occassions that it is not about me or him it is about the kids. I do not want his kids to grow up hating him or loosing respect for him. I think abot the fact it is 3 girls he has...and he is their father and the male figure in their lives...and what they see him doing is going to affect the way they look at relationships in their lives and what is wrong and right. I try to talk to them about morals and just doing the right thing. It is my jobb to show them that now...since no one else can. I truly need a lot of support since i have no family members here. i have my daily breakdowns and sometimes the girls see it and ask if i am ok....and do not want togive them the feeling of the have to take responsibility for being with me casue they are afraid of their mother being alone. I need them to see their mother happy...we do things together but there are times i do get down. It is hard to get into the FEEL GOOD...THINK POSITIVE...BE HAPPY state of mind when things keep coming up on a daily basis. It takes time to get it somewhat out of my head....i listen to tv shows i like...soon will start going to the gym...and get my mind off of all these things.

  • Hi Light.

    Thanks for the request. :-)

    Nice to meet you, and welcome to PI


  • Nice to meet you "Light" , I see you belong to indigo adults, please feel free to contact me anytime if you wanna chat. Just like you, I yearn to find people like myself, who also have questions, or have likewise outlooks on ourselves. Hit me up . Peace.

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