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  • May your day be full of peace and love

    Will catch you later all the best to you, thanks for all comments:)

  • Without laughing life would be so boring!!!!!!! The important is that you understand my jokes and I understand yours.

    As I told you, I cannot marry you, as I am already married!!!!!! Though papers are a headache everywhere. I am Bulgarian, though I lived in several countries and finally in Argentina. We got married here!!!!!! Imagine, an US citizen maried to a Bulgarian citizen in Argentina!!!!! lol

    One of the requirements was a translator English/Spanish!!!!!!! (from a legal point of view).

    Here people decided finally not to marry. I happens in many cases. And these are the happiest couples. Love is the only bond. I know people who have lived together and love each other (they are in relationship) for 40 years or more.

    As to be the first time that a woman asks you to marry her, there is saying here "There is a first time for everyting!!!!!"

    Be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I like your sense of humour! I also have mine! It was a discussion, when somebody suddenly recoverd the eyes or something similar. And you replied, OH, THEN YOU WILL NEVER MARRY ME!!! 

    I am married, as I wrote this morning. I was following your sense of humour!

    I also told you I met my husband on LOA 4 years ago. Then I started LOVE STORIES........

    It is below, I see it now!!!!!!!!!

    I am in touch with people who live in the same location as you. If one wants to reach somebody, there is no distance, no timetable, no limits.

    I do it practically everyday. I honor unconditional friendship and love.


  • GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote a long mesage and it switched to your page and the message is lost. Will write later. Now I have to go out.

    Love, Polina

    P.S. I would marry you, but I am already married!! AND I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!!!! lol

    (I read this in the discussion!!!!!!!!)

    By the way I met HIM here on LOA and 3 months after he was in Argentina, where I was living at that time! THIS IS A LOVE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Some reason your last comment cannot be seen in group, but I can see it on your page here. Expanding your energy/love/attraction great way to go. I am on same track and few 100 more others and counting:)
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  • Thank you for that welcome

  • Thank for accepting! I do not look for anything here. I joined LOA 4 years ago.


  • Hi, Thanks for the invitation. Good day.

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