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More inspiring quotes of Napoleon Hill herehttp://www.growrichpro.info/quotes_napoleon-hill.htm- A goal is a dream with a deadline.- Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.- Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical…
Jul 23, 2009
zsecret replied to Milky Fresh's discussion How can I use the "the secret"/"law of attraction" to transform parts of my body? in The Secret Group And Forum
"I agree with Brad, you can chance certain things.
First of all there are many things you can do yourself to chance, if you wear shoes that make look your feet smaller, it will help to manifest that way. You can not chance this in 2 days, things like…"
Apr 12, 2009
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"hmmmm, this could be a help for many men.
I think that most men in bald family sent out bad vibes because they were afraid of baldness. I guess it's in the jeans as well.

But I would recomend to visualise yourself having nice hear when they're old.…"
Apr 6, 2009
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See yourself doing joyfull things and in the meantime do some things that make you feel good.
Catch some sun, buy something for yourself or buy a small gift for some one, when you give a gift for no reason to some one this will create a good…"
Mar 30, 2009
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Bob proctor releases Beyond the secret April 21thhttp://www.beyondthesecret.tvIt should be more advice to use the LOA
Mar 27, 2009
zsecret replied to Sonlorr's discussion What is the exact art of "letting go" or "allowing" ? in The Secret Group And Forum
"Let go means that you should not try to overact it and that you should have FAITH in it that it will come.

If you plant a seed, you take a good soil, you plant the seed and you water it. You should not sit next to it and rub your fingers in it all…"
Mar 24, 2009